Anillamiento y conservación de las aves del Pantano de Santa Alejandrina

jeudi 20 juin 2019


  Sept 23rd to 28th 2019

Over the past few years, we have been organizing bird banding training courses in various parts of Mexico.  This year we have launched a new “personalized” training strategy with few students per course, to ensure personal attention during the course. We began in April of this year 2019, and thanks to the acceptance and satisfaction of the students, we offer it again in September, 23rd to 28th, 2019 which coincides with the peak of fall migration. We can expect some species surprises, and a unique opportunity to handle birds both from the eastern and the western side of North America and Mexico.

During the last course, Julie and Hannah shared the experience of handling and processing up to 90 birds each of 34 species, including Vermilion FlycatcherRufous-capped WarblerRufous-backed Thrush,  some endemics like Blue Mockingbird and White-throated Towhee, as well as migrants such as Bell's Vireo, Yellow-breasted Chat, MacGillivray's Warbler, amongst others and surprises like White-throated Flycatcher and Yellow-faced Grassquit. 

Here are some of the comments and evaluations of the trainees:
My trip to Mexico was amazing and one I will not soon forget!  The bird course was excellent and I will definitely spread the word to my banding friends and acquaintances. (Julie)
I really had a great and very valuable time last week! Thank you for making my first Mexico trip such a great experience, I am sure it will not be the last time.
Please let me know if you are planning any other courses, I will make sure to distribute the info at my university.
Thanks again for your patience, offering the course and everything else. (Hannah)

The course is not for beginners.  We will accept up to 4 students at the most.   Each student must have previous experience and skills in bird banding, since it is aimed at improving banding skills and solving questions and doubts. 

Topics of the course:

1: Extraction: How to gain speed without putting bird safety at risk.  Extraction techniques such as:  legs first, spin around, back grip, hummingbird extraction, tangled tongue, doble mesh amongst other things.

2: Molt understanding, we will focus on an in depth understanding, of how the molt process occurs step by step, in the various structures, timing and phenology in passerin species. We will simplify to ease the understanding of the molt process, not just in theory, but also in practice, on the wings of live birds, and how to put together all the complementary information we find in order to better determine the age. 

3: Current terminologies to age birds in North America.  We will offer an in depth explanation of both HP and WRP, so that you will be familiar and understand them both by the end of the course and be up to date in both these terminologies. 

3: Skull ossification training. September is a good month for skulling birds, so we will have a good opportunity to practice this skill.


The mornings from the 24th to 27th  we will be spent banding birds.
In the afternoons, we will have lectures and review of what we saw in the morning. 

This training is organized by Tierra de Aves A.C. and it will contribute to maintaining our long term effort with over 16,000 birds banded in the Botanical Garden of Oaxaca City since 2001.  If you are still in Oaxaca for the morning of the last Sunday 29th of September, you are invited to join us at this station (Let us know in advance).

September is during the rainy season in Oaxaca. The rains normally occur during the afternoon, so we expect to spend the mornings banding birds.  In our one day a month banding efforts in the Botanical Garden since 2001, so far, we have not had to close mistnets due to rain, wind or heat.  We hope climate change will not affect that yet.

Cost of Training Course:  $1,130 U.S.Dlls. Includes: training, food from the night of arrival on the 23rd through breaskfast on the 28th, housing from the nights of the 23rd through the 27th of September, local transportation to and from the Oaxaca airport or downtown to the banding station.  

Early Registration: before the 1st of August you get a $40 USDll bonus and the cost will be $1,090.00 U.S.Dlls.
The fee does not include personal items, alcoholic beverages in restaurants, no alcohol is available at the station, additional activities outside the course such as a morning visit to Monte Alban which can be offered for an additional fee of $30 U.S. Dlls,

To secure your reservation please deposit 20 % of the cost of the course the a.s.a.p., and share with us your flight ticket itinerary.   Save $40 Dollar if you register before the 1st of August. 
If for any reason you must cancel your reservation (Unless for medical reasons), there will be a full refund if you cancel before July 12th, 80% refund between July 13th to August 1st, 50% refund between August 2nd and August 30th. 20% refund after August 31th.  No refund after September 10th.

Early Breakfast:  Includes fruit salad with granola and yogurt or oatmeal or eggs, bread, coffee or tea.
Mid-morning snack:  sandwiches, tostadas or chopped fruit or vegetables.
Lunch:  Main meal of the day includes soup, main course, dessert between 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
Light Dinner:  After the afternoon session of theory around 8 p.m.

The trainer is Manuel Grosselet, an NABC trainer, Canadian Master bander, and French certified bander, with a long banding experience in North America (especially Mexico), Europe and North Africa, with more than 600 species in hand, over 200,000 birds handled, and his assistant is Georgita Ruiz who will also be in charge of the logistics of food and housing. 

The station is at our home in San Augustin Etla, around 25 km north of Oaxaca City. It is a private propriety of 2 acres where we will be banding, eating and sleeping. 
You will be staying in one of two bedrooms in our adobe house in the country.  We will eat mostly at home unless we go out to a little local restaurant with typical Oaxacan Food. If you have a special diet, food restriction or health condition, please let us know.

Please contact information: 00 52 1 55 10 69 83 39 (Whatsapp)