Anillamiento y conservación de las aves del Pantano de Santa Alejandrina

dimanche 25 juin 2023

 Session 239:

49 birds captured, you can visit directly the trektellen web page here

There are skeptics of climate change, Our data show a clear shift in Robin population structure, Rufous-backed Robin (RBRO) versus Clay-colored Thrush. The first one disappears. Our long-term monitoring shows a drastic decrease  of the RBRO.

Today we caught again a Northern Beardless Tyrannulet of 8 years and 11 months old, our second bird of this age. 

Our group today was of 6 persons. Very nice groups and we have a perfect gender representation (3 womens, 3 mens).

Mitzy y Rebeca Martinez, Edgar del Valle and Clay-colored Thrush

Jennifer Antonia Zarate Perez and House Sparrow

Mitzy y Rebeca Martinez and Clay-colored Thrush

Many thanks to Xcaret for supplying the bands and thank you RROS (Redwood Region Ornithological Society), thanks to you, for the July session, we'll be able to put up 3 more mistnets, They will be used to study the cultivate area in the ethnobotanical garden.

the adventure just starts.